MYYO is a simple, non invasive, straight forward technique for the treatment of pain.

Some people find the technique rather unimpressive but have found that the results are remarkable. The technique can be applied to any living human being with any type of pain, even if you are used to living with the pain. There is no need to ‘cope with’ or ‘deal with’ anything uncomfortable and pain related, all you need is a MYYO session.

So what is MYYO and how can it help me?

‘MYYO’ is a combination of two words MYO (Greek for muscle) and YO (yoga).  It’s a technique that’s been develop specifically for pain relief. When we talk about pain, it includes a sprained ankle, headaches or even chronic pain due to diabetes or MS.

Pain is not always straight forward as your shoulder can be sore due to a heart problem. The whole body work as a unit and finding the root of the cause can be tricky.

Your MYYO practitioner (in this case, me), will apply gentle pressure onto the muscles in order to release tiny trigger points that might be causing the discomfort. By releasing these trigger points, blood and oxygen flow is re-established, bring the body back into balance in order to heal itself.

The biggest difference between MYYO and any other treatment of pain (including acupressure, acupuncture, fascia release massage)  is the stretches – this is where ‘yoga’ comes in. Once a trigger point has been released, it is necessary to ‘re-educate’ the muscle so that the trigger point do no form again. This way you stay pain free. The process, you can imagine, isn’t a fast magical process, but takes time and dedication.

I know what you’re thinking; I don’t want to do weird stretches, I work in an open plan office, what will people think of me… etc etc. Rest assured, these stretches are gentle and subtle and can be done anywhere any time, without you getting a few stares and glares. The stretches are yoga-inspired, but it’s not the yoga you are envisioning right now. However, these stretches are of super importance. By doing ‘your homework’ daily, between sessions, you keep sending messages to the brain that the energy flow is normal and there is no need to go into protective mode. This way the trigger points will start to form less and less. The stretches you don’t have to do for the rest of your life, but it is advisable to carry on with some sort of exercise or yoga so the body doesn’t form another set of trigger points due to bad habits.

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Here you can read more about the technique on the official website  and click here to watch a short video on the very subtle, noninvasive yet very effective MYYO technique.