“If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself.”

Yoga For Fertility & Conception

Hey womb warriors! Breathe deeply. Can you feel that – the innate wisdom of your body? This is a safe space for you to simply be. Whether you want to get your body ‘baby ready’, if you’re struggling to conceive, or if you’re on IVF treatment, yoga can assist you in navigating through these raw and tender times. This is a space for you to feel. To simply be. To breathe yourself into being and turn your challenges into stepping stones. In this space we use a well balanced class and yoga program, as well as yogic tools like breathworka and meditation, to help you commune and fall into a deeper connection with your body. This helps to settle the nervous system, balance the hormones, and set the tone for a healthy pregnancy. These classes are completely private in a 1:1 setting, either in person or online.

Pre-natal Yoga

The journey from maiden to motherhood is rich and colourful in every way, a magical road where you are able to feel the pure magnificence of creation. With a whirlwind of colours moving within and around you, it can easily feel overwhelming at times. Change and transformation require you to be in constant connection with your body. With the support of yoga and yogic practices, this journey will flow in a vibrant and harmonious way. You will feel held, supported, expansive and emdodied in every way. You’re not just growing and preparing to birth your baby, you are also growing as a mother. These classes are offered completely private in a 1:1 setting, either in person or online, or as a class. I also offer private, aerial prenatal yoga sessions.

Post-natal Yoga

Hey Mamma Bear! As the journey into motherhood commences, you might find that it’s nothing you imagined, and that’s okay. You may feel exhausted, irritable, and desperate to get your old body back. Heck, you may even feel frustrated at your constant ability to forget to shower – hands up who’s been there, I know I have! Whatever you’re experiencing as a new mother, know that it is okay. You are journeying back to yourself and rediscovering who you are in this new role. Remember to take moments to just be, to listen to yourself. Know that whatever you’re experiencing can be supported through yoga, and with the application of yogic tools. Yoga teaches us how to be mindful, accepting, centred, spiritual and deeply joyous as we journey through motherhood. These classes are completely private in a 1:1 setting, either in person or online.