Prenatal Workshop


Whether you’ve been teaching yoga for a while, or recently started, this workshop will cover all you need to know about yoga for pregnancy. Yoga for pregnancy is an endless pit of learning and exploring as not one pregnant woman is the same. With this workshop, we will dive into the details and go beyond the basic fundamentals you might have found in my Comprehensive Guide and Masterclass.
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This Workshop is for you if:

  • You want to retain students that fall pregnant, with confidence and clarity
  • A pregnant woman freaks you out and scares the living daylight out of you
  • You’re interested in the magic and wonder of new life and the magic of pregnancy
  • You’re thinking of starting your journey and adding prenatal yoga as part of your offering

The workshop covers the following;

  • Anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy
  • The principles of hatha yoga and how to apply it to a pregnant body
  • Adjustment, and modifications of asana that are safe for the pregnant woman
  • Common ailments and complications and how to help with yoga
  • Breathing techniques/pranayama for pregnancy

For in-person classes, we will be meeting at a studio called Shakti Yoga Centre. You can click here to learn more about Shakti.  6 Oak Avenue, Fourways. 

The workshop will consist of theory for a large part, but we’ll also do some practical aspects.

You will leave the workshop feeling inspired and confident to teach a pregnant woman. Never again will a pregnant student scare you and leave you rattled.

The course is enough for you to teach a pregnant lady with confidence in a safe way. However, further studies would be needed if you want to start group classes.