Prenatal Masterclass


As yoga teachers, we should always be looking to study and learn more in the field. I commend you on taking this step towards empowering yourself, and retaining students when they fall pregnant while expanding your horizons of yoga. Nothing is more frustrating than having to revert to a basic/beginner yoga class because one student is pregnant, and you’re not sure how to adjust her practice.

We will cover the following in the masterclass within approximately 60minutes:

  • Brief overview on physiological and anatomical changes
  • Conditions and complications outside your scope as a yoga teacher
  • Conditions that are safe for you to teach as a normal/general class
  • Which poses and practices to avoid and alternative variations
  • Transitions and rest position options

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and know-how with you. You are on the road to becoming a better yoga teacher, and I’m honored to be on this path with you.

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